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Safety Associates of The Month – July

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Each month, Facility Logistic Services (FLS) recognizes and congratulates a Safety Associate of the Month. FLS takes great pride and satisfaction in highlighting the efforts of their employees who meet the criteria for distinction among their peers.

Safety is a valued concept and vital part of doing business. FLS appreciates the professionalism and commitment to safety that all of our employees exercise daily while performing their jobs.

FLS will continue to acknowledge employees who go above and beyond in the area of safety, and show appreciation to them by presenting them with a $25.00 gift card.

Below are the Facility Logistic Services’ Safety Associates of the Month for July.

Kathlene Edenburn, Lexington North Carolina Facility

Kathleen Edenburn has been recognized for applying our 3 obligations as well as identifying safety hazards in our work areas. Kathleen’s goal is to make sure that all her fellow team members get home safely to their loved ones; “to show my fellow workers that we are family here at FLS and we should always look out for one another” declares Kathleen. Kathleen challenge’s all her fellow associate to follow their 3 obligation. She says “I challenge all of you to stop someone if you see them doing something unsafe, I challenge all of you to refuse to do anything unsafe and to not perform any task that you have not been trained to do and I challenge all of you to seek a third opinion if needed upon a disagree in an unsafe act”.   Thank you Kathleen for all the dedication you put in to our safety values here at FLS; also for implementing your 3 safety obligations; and thank you for helping us keep our team safe!

Daniel Hebert, Berkeley North Carolina Facility

The July 2013 FLS-Berkeley 3 Safety Obligations/Safety Person of the Month has played an integral part in the Safety Culture at FLS-Berkeley.   He goes out of his way to ensure that everyone goes home safe.  He isn’t afraid to use his 3 Safety Obligations.  In fact, he’s confronted FLS employees and KC employees.  He always exercises his right to confront, when he sees someone that is getting ready to perform an unsafe act.  He is also proactive in reporting safety issues.  Daniel’s safety goal is to go home safe, to his family every day! Daniel goes above and beyond, by applying his 3 Safety Obligations. He values safety and is determined to ensure that everyone goes home safe, every day/night.  Please join me in congratulating Daniel Hebert, our July 2013 3 Safety Associate of the Month.   The FLS-Berkeley Leadership Team is extremely proud of Daniel and his contributions to safety.  It’s because of associates like Daniel, that we all go home safe, every day/night.











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