Facility Logistic Services, Inc.

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Storage, Fulfillment & Custom Solutions

FLS is especially attuned to today’s challenging fast paced business world.  Whether you seek light assembly and packaging expertise or a fulfillment management resource, FLS’s solutions are efficient, flexible and cost efficient.

Light Assembly and Packaging

Whether your company requires a customized pack, retailer specific package or other variations, FLS has the expertise to add efficiency and productivity to the process.

By co-locating assembly, packaging and storage operations, you can reduce costs and simplify your supply chain.  With reduced transportation time and costs, you positively affect your inventory, your bottom line, your future.

FLS experts specialize in:

  • Design, material sourcing and assembly
  • Kitting promotional displays and materials
  • Pick and pack product bundling and kitting
  • Repacking
  • Sub-Assembly

Fulfillment Management

When companies outsource warehouse facilities to FLS, they increase productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness with a partner they can trust.

With FLS, your company benefits from the highest standards across your fulfillment operations:

  • Automation and sorting solutions
  • Conventional and high-density storage solutions
  • Cross-docking
  • Shipping
  • Returns management
  • Specialized product storage and handling solutions

FLS’ continuous performance monitoring ensures your fulfillment management operation is optimized… from inventory to fill-rates to changes in customer demand.