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Creating A “Best 3PL Company to Work For” Culture

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Facility Logistic Services Receives Safety AwardDoes your company have what it takes to be a “Best 3PL Company to Work For” organization? Think about it.  What propels most companies to the “Best 3PL Company to Work For” level is the internal culture.  Creating an environment that attracts and retains talent is becoming the key differentiator in the 3PL industry.

Organizations leading the way in the race to become a “Best 3PL Company to Work For”  have some hefty amenities.  Free health care, access to food on site, a fitness facility, stock options, and flex time off to name only a few.   Surveys are showing that Top companies are not just treating their employees right, they are catering to their every need.

Providing such a broad array of amenities is not realistic for all companies, but there are ways your organization can be the best while not tapping into the bottom line. Here are some things every organization can focus on to become a “Best 3PL Company to Work For”.

Invest in your employees:  If you want to be the best place to work in the 3PL  industry, you will need to offer your employees more than just a job, you will need to offer them a career path. Offer an opportunity to further their knowledge. Encourage them to work as a team to become certified through a program such as The Carolina Star award, so they build their own credibility. Give paid time off.  Offer a competitive wage and benefits plan.  Create a program such as FLS’  H.E.A.R.T.  Connect outside of the office to boost moral.

Offer work-life balance:  Providing a flexible work schedule is something that most organizations can offer that makes a significant difference with employees. Things such as the option to telecommute, paid time off, or compressed work weeks are not only of interest to a parent, but also a young single person.

Let People Be Themselves:  Encouraging differences in perspectives, habits of mind, and core assumptions creates diversity to an organization and allows employees to be themselves.  Not only does this go a long way in retaining individuals for the long term, it provides depth within the company culture.  Facility Logistic Services uses its Safety Associate of the Month program to recognize individuals that each use diverse ways to keep their fellow employees safe.

Give back to your community as a team.  Have associates bring in goods for a food drive and offer dress down days.  Facility Logistic Services’ Lexington warehouse teams up closely with the United Way to  go out and paint local building, and beautify the community in addition to other volunteer activities.  This type of initiative boosts the visibility of your business and enables associate team-building for a good cause.

Are you doing any of these things to become a Best Place to Work company? Share with us.

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