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Safety Associates of The Month – April

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Each month, Facility Logistic Services (FLS) recognizes and congratulates a Safety Associate of the Month. FLS takes great pride and satisfaction in highlighting the efforts of their employees who meet the criteria for distinction among their peers.

Safety is a valued concept and vital part of doing business. FLS appreciates the professionalism and commitment to safety that all of our employees exercise daily while performing their jobs.

FLS will continue to acknowledge employees who go above and beyond in the area of safety, and show appreciation to them by presenting them with a $25.00 gift card.

Below are the Facility Logistic Services’ Safety Associates of the Month for April.

Randy Wooten, Berkeley, NC Facility

R. Wooten 04.2013[2]Randy Wooten has played an integral part in the Safety Culture at FLS-Berkeley.  Each week, he ensures that the Eye Wash Station in his area is inspected.  He also frequently makes suggestions for improvements in his area and he always reports any safety issues or potential safety issues.   He always scans his area for safety issues.  He lives and breathes safety and is DETERMINED to ensure that everyone goes home safe, every day and night.


Ricky Holmes, Lexington, NC Facility

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.28.53 AMRicky Holmes’ commitment to providing a safe work environment for his fellow associates has been demonstrated in the last month by identifying possible hazards in the Converting area. Ricky completed 2 safety hazard identification forms within the last month. First Ricky noticed a sharp edge on the siding near the door that leads to the mill conveyor on Converting Line 2 where associates have to look out the door to view the mill conveyor. The hazard has been marked until it can be fixed.  Ricky also spotted a possible slip hazard underneath the conveyor on converting Line 2 near the bag labelers. Ricky cleaned up the oil that was leaking from a gear box and placed pig matting down to absorb any other oil that could possible leak out.  Ricky’s goal every day is to work in area that is free of hazards in order to protect not only himself but anyone who ventures into the Converting area. Ricky challenges all other FLS associates everywhere to maintain a safe work environment and to bring forth any safety hazards or improvements.

Brandon Probst, Neenah, WI Nonwovens Facility 

Brandon Probst PhotoBrandon Probst has gone above and beyond in safety by understanding the importance of being prepared for emergency situations. He went above and beyond to try to coordinate drills for first aid responders as well as additional fire/tornado drills during the month of April. Brandon has fully committed to a minimum 1 issue report per month and has yet to miss a month (Nice job!). He has volunteered to attend trainings as well as take on additional responsibilities for his team. He is truly a team player with an eye for detail and safety.

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