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Back to The Start

Posted on by wildfireDev1


If you have been on YouTube lately you may have seen a rather unusual commercial from Chipotle. The 2-minute spot is the 18-year-old company’s first national ad ever, airing for the first time during the Grammy Awards.  During the spot, a farmer questions the industrialization of his industry and attempts to return to the simple farming life.

Chipotle’s commercial got us thinking about the years of supply chain developments. If we could go back to the start in the distribution industry, would we have done things differently? In our effort to be better, faster, and more efficient, did we ever stop to consider if all of these changes were for the best?

Clearly, we can’t go back to the start as an industry, nor should we in our opinion. Customer expectation levels are too high, margins are too small and delivery windows are too narrow.  Innovation has been good to us. The advancements that have been made in the supply chain over the years have refined processes and created systems that are for the better — allowing manufacturer, 3PLs and retailers to work more closely together.

At FLS we do however challenge ourselves to go “back to the start” in our approach to each and every project. As experts in supply chain design and management, FLS has the experience and understanding to improve current logistics operations or to troubleshoot areas of concern.  By studying all aspects of a client’s supply chain, FLS is able to provide the client with industry best processes and solutions customized to their business and requirements.

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