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N1011 Warehouse Associate/Forklift Driver – Neenah, WI

Job Number/CodeN1011
LocationKimberly-Clark Neenah Nonwovens Facility, Neenah, WI
Title Warehouse Associate/Forklift Driver
Functional AreaKimberly Clark NNF
Reports toGeneral Manager
Salary$13.00 / Hour
Employment Status Full Time

To safely provide mill support to the production areas in the material handling capacity.


The following competencies are required for this position:

CommunicationEffective written and verbal communication skills.
Team workAbility to work effectively in a team environment and assist other areas as needed to ensure good team work.
Leadership ValuesTreat all members with respect.
Problem solvingAbility to effectively solve problems.
Self-ManagementAbility to self-manage.
Planning and OrganizingAbility to manage time and prioritize tasks.
TechnologyGood computer skills – basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook / Email, Internet, and KC systems as needed.
LearningAbility to manage your own learning.
SafetyMaintain a safe working environment; identify and report any issues/requests immediately.  Follow all safety rules and procedures put in place by KC and Facility Logistic Services.
HousekeepingMaintains work area in an orderly and neat fashion according to areas housekeeping standard.
Shift to shift communicationRequired to communicate with shift partners at the beginning and end of each shift about current run conditions and any safety or quality issues.
 Daily auditsDaily walk around – 5S, PPE, Safety, Housekeeping, and Quality inspections of your work area. 
Shift to shift communicationRequired to communicate with peers and leaders as needed on current machine status. 
 Fork Lift CertificationAll associates are required to be fork lift certified.  Fork lift certification must be renewed every 3 years according to OSHA standards.
This individual takes work direction from the on-shift coordinator in the warehouse.  Secondary work direction may also come from bay machine tenders and requests from the warehouse team.Principal Responsibilities:

  • The material handling function must demand the attention of safety for the protection of people, equipment, and material.  This includes, but not limited to, working at safe speeds, reporting and initiating tractor repair, by observing appropriate rest periods, and by requesting help when lifting awkward or heavy loads.
  • Service all bays in the areas of supply in-process materials and extricating finished product.  This includes proper materials orientation, wrapping of product, filling the box dumper, and communicating with the machine tenders on their respective needs.
  • Storage plans must be followed.  This includes, but not limited to, putting finished product in the pre-planned proper aisle.  An important factor in materials storage is that materials identification and roll labels are turned to the right.
  • Provides service assistance to after-hours receiving and storage.
  • Be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs.
  • Ability to push/pull 40 lbs.
  • Ability to squat, kneel, bend/twist at waist with or without carrying item(s)
  • Frequent walking/standing
  • Maintain and implement a standard of housekeeping that is conductive to mill guidelines.  Areas of special concern involve the box dumper, the compactor-includes notifying the shift coordinator when full, and the general warehouse floor.
  • Communicates fully with the warehouse group for assignments that could be accomplished during other shifts.  This includes loading/unloading semi-trailers as time permits.  Scrap trailers and/or good shippable product.
  • Support the mill effort, on an emergency basis and as specified by the shift coordinator, in the area of snow removal and assisting the manufacturing areas with waste hauling during machine upsets.
  • Assists in the effort of mill security. All unknown persons shall be checked for entry clearances and doors shall remain locked at all times.
  • Provides waste handling services.  They include, but not limited to, the hauling and of scrap.  Poly must also be taken away.
  • This individual must communicate all aspects of the material handling function with their partner at shift change.  These aspects must include workloads, what semis are at the doc, special instruction, etc.
  • If work is behind, the material handler should communicate this to the shift coordinator so that corrective action can be taken.  The shift coordinator may have an extra person be able to free someone up, ask you to work over or delay work to the next shift if the next shift has extra people.
  • It is important that lines of communication be open to the shift coordinator and respective machine leaders.
  • Progress steadily on the appropriate training level for specific equipment.
  • Will assist in the training of both new associates and cross training of current associates.
  • Stay current in at least one back up position.
  • Flexible to perform any other duties requested by team leader.
  • Maintain safe work environment and report any issues immediately.
  • Documentation is completed neatly and properly.
  • Assist other areas as needed to ensure good team work.
  • Safely stage and move rolls as well as assist with loading of the rolls.
  • Build/break down boxes
  • Check and stock supplies at the beginning and end of shift (labels, tape, gloves, etc.)
  • Ensure all materials leaving the bay are properly labeled.
  • Follow all safety rules and procedures put in place by KC and Facility Logistic Services.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Shipping Coordinator or FLS Leadership.